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3 reasons your email marketing needs to be mobile friendly

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of GetResponse Email Marketing for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

With all the hype around social media being used to engage and attract customers the true ROI can be tough to measure. If you are counting likes, shares, and mentions the analytics needed to measure the engagement and intent to purchase can be overwhelming. Most companies are using this medium because so many customers are using their smartphones to get online and interact with one another. One of the tried and true marketing channels that continue to outpace social marketing is email. With responsive email design from GetResponse which we will talk about the ability to tailor your message and target your exact niche market is still the most cost effective way to reach your audience.

Top three reasons to make your email marketing mobile friendly:

1) It is estimate that 82% of people use their smartphones to check their email (Google: “The Mobile Movement” April 2011)

2) 42% of customers will delete emails that are do not display correctly on their mobile phones (GR Research August 2013)

3) 34% of consumers have made at least one purchase from their smartphones at least once (IDC Financial Insights 2012)

Just from the three statistics above you can see that having your newsletter design optimized for mobile can mean more sales and potential customer engagement with just a few simple steps. I say simple because we were just reviewing the GetResponse Email Marketing features that allow marketers to very easily use their tools to make your emails more mobile responsive. Right now GetResponse is the only email marketing company that offers this truly responsive email design. with over 500 templates with responsive design you can really create a unique experience for your customers. Here are just a few of the features they offer in their responsive email design solution:

  • Over 500 templates
  • Over 1000 free istock photos
  • Ability to include video
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Social sharing icons
  • Real time editing and control

Up until now you had to use pre-defined templates that were an added cost to have your newsletters and emails display properly on mobile devices. Now GetResponse has added this feature for free to their users and they are fluid and flexible to meet almost any email and marketing needs. This added with their email marketing automation that boasts a 99.5% deliverability rate and your get a powerful business solution.

When you add this to all the other feature of GetResponse you have a powerful partner in helping you to reach your customers and build your business. I have used them in the past and with their automated tools you can load up follow-up emails and newsletters that send out on specific times to truly automate your business. My final ask is this: Try them for free and drop us a line in the comments below or through our Twitter or Facebook page to let us know your experience?


Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts:


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No Doubt, We Will Never Stop Loving Horses

There are very few animals that can claim to have had a truly special relationship with man. Cats and dogs have been for time immemorial our faithful household companions, each with its own special character and personality. They each had very specific and useful tasks to complete around the house. Fortunately, all they had to do was use their instinct and everyone was happy. For dogs, it was barking in the event danger lurking outside, or even inside, in the event of an impending disaster, such as a fire. For cats, the natural killer instinct served them well in ridding the house of a lot of vermin, such as rats, mice or other small nuisances that nobody wanted to have around. The other animal to which we have always felt a strange emotional bond is the horse.


There have been Arab horses for sale for a very long time

A Long and Glorious History

No one really knows for sure when man was able to finally obtain and domesticate horses, although experts think it probably happened around 5,000 years ago. We know that some of the earliest civilizations, such as the Assyrians, were using horses for transportation and even combat. We are lucky enough to still have a few relief fragments from some of their temples and monuments depicting horses drawing chariots. Back then, just as today, speed in battle could be a decisive advantage, ultimately determining the fate of any encounter. The ability to have horses quickly transport warriors or archers to the front of the battle line was crucial. It was very early days, it must’ve been an amazing sight to see a couple of horses drawing a fast-moving chariot into battle.

A Trusted Companion

Ever since those early days when the civilizations first emerged, the horse has been an integral part of every society. It was always prized for its ability to transport people relatively long distances, allowing commerce to flourish and connecting villages and later cities like never before. By the time Victorian London was in full bloom, there were almost more horses than people. Experts at the time were predicting that by the first part of the 20th century, central London would be basically impassable, mainly due to the fact that there would be so much horse manure that it would create a virtual gridlock. Perhaps, it might have come to pass. But in one of those twists of history, the car was invented just before that came to pass and horses largely disappeared from circulation.

 Strength and Beauty

Naturally, horses did not disappear from the scene altogether. No longer relegated to transportation duties, they continued to enjoy a reputation as excellent racers. To this day, the UK has a tradition of horse racing that is arguably virtually unmatched almost anywhere in the world. Breeders do their best to identify and train the most promising young horses so that they may one day become champions. Knowing that there are Arab horses for sale helps them in their quest. With a little luck and a lot of hard work, their selection can turn into a winner.

4 Applications for a Composite Panel Using Aluminium

Aluminium has become an essential part of modern life. It is widely available, strong and durable yet light and non corrosive. These properties give aluminium an advantage over many other materials. It is often used as an alloy and is equally popular as the outer part of panels that have many uses. The core is often polyethylene or the latter combined with a mineral to increase the fire retardant property of the panel.


Aluminium is vital to architects and the construction industry. There are many examples of famous structures that have used cladding in aluminium. Two that immediately spring to mind are Epcot’s Spaceship Earth in Disney, Orlando and the Chrysler Building in New York.

It cannot be repeated too often that aluminium is durable, light and non corrosive. It needs minimal maintenance and has few equals in today’s world.


Partitions have become increasingly popular in the modern open plan offices that exist today. Open plan is seen as the best way for staff to interact effectively. However, there is also a need for privacy so that distractions are reduced. The answer is a partition which is not a permanent structure. As a result the office can be redesigned to meet circumstances.

Similar partitions can be used to erect a stand at an exhibition. The durability of aluminium means that it can stand up to the rigours of being erected and taken down, transported and stored. The relative lightness also means that there are few logistical problems dealing with aluminium.


There are few restrictions with aluminium. It can be painted or coated or simply left plain. It means that panels are very suitable both for internal and also external signage. Installation is simple and maintenance minimal.

Aluminium can be the background to the most complex advertising and design. It has the durability to stand long after the message needs renewing.

False Ceilings

Many old buildings have been modified to give them a role in today’s world. Some have been redeveloped by property speculators to create a change of use; warehouses have become modern offices and apartments for example.

One of the problems in conversions has been the fact that old rooms tended to have high ceilings. There was a variety of reasons for high ceilings. It allowed the builder to put in large windows to increase the light that could penetrate; remember some preceded the days when electric lighting was common and candle power had limited ability.

Certainly high ceilings were the norm until well into the 20th Century and rooms depended on natural light until the 1940s. Light penetration made many buildings more valuable because there was a larger practical working area with high ceilings and large windows.

False ceilings using panels is one way to hide the original ceiling and it is a means of reducing energy costs.

The uses of an aluminium composite panel are various and if you are in the process of planning a construction, reordering advertising material, want partitioning or to hide your high ceilings, they may well be the answer.

How to get benefits from Business Classifieds

Everything changed eternally and drastically, when the Web and its technical progress came into our own lives. So much as the conventional manner that people used to locate jobs, post an advertisement or search for particular issues have now changed utterly. Even though, since many of the folks included within the industrialized world believe to discover the best, business classifieds were considerably influenced by this change.

Publishing business classifieds on the web is a really great idea, since it just removes the element of time and location. Your alternatives instantly multiply when publishing in company classifieds online; once upon a moment your advertisement might reach the folks residing within the boundaries of the country or state, should you need to publish an advertisement, seeking acceptable workers for your own business. People can be reached by them in most corners of the earth now. Globalization has affected in addition the way we’re conducting business, why don’t you then affect the way we function and who we employ?

Once identifying what is the chief audience and what is the goal of the advertisement, then you understand how exactly to do something and on which direction. Utilizing both web and local press or media is constantly a great concept, even though the chief traffic generation medium is and will soon be web, as this is what may arouse a virus-like impact, this is what provides thousands customers online and asked them to become prospective customers.

An effective and efficient process of promotion is exactly what can work with a flexible concept for the advantage of a company. So what can actually make advertising differentiate are an article and the appropriate positioning online. Not everything has an identical effect rather than every advertisement is apparent enough.

The classified ads are used by numerous businesses in order to present their merchandise and solutions efficiently and attempt to create visitors. It’s truly crucial that you realize the data and figures, since they illustrate the essential reality: small enterprises and big organizations or corporations utilize the business classifieds like a section of the advertising campaign, striving to obtain the most proper and well-ranked place in order to include post them, including Double-click or C-list, places that create tremendous traffic daily.

Obviously, when considering advertising and visitors you must remember there are a few criteria to be stored. Not every single advertisement works and not all of these have the exact same power. A well-written and fascinating advertisement is exactly what can create the actual difference and that’s why lots of businesses hire experts only for this particular occupation, admitting the necessity for something innovative and grasping.

You need to consider into consideration that folks study classified for a number of factors, when considering classifies advertisements. The evaluation of these factors isn’t usually important or applicable; what’s important may be the dedication to utilize that effective instrument for your own advantage.

Are your business files really secure

We recently attended an Intellectual Properties conference in which they shared the details of some the more recent cases such as ebay vs Mercantile exchange and the right to trademark and owners rights on technology. In the world of Computer Aided drafting, files are shared on a daily basis in their draft form with little thought to Trademark or IP Protection for those very ideas. Now there is a solution with the first to market product from

Technical right management (TRM) is about protecting the high value CAD  that you or your company must share with others. There is a concentrated to effort now to protect technical information. Up till now there were only efforts to protect the digital content via copyright protection laws. These have concentrated on the music, film, and book industry. The B2B world in sharing of technical ideas were less stringent, and the owners rights were hard to identify in this digital world. The suite of products offered by Pinion Software looks to solidify that aspect for business and looks to become an insensible part of business.

Control your business services remotely

Small businesses can now be competitive with Managed Services Software For $9.95/pc per month, small IT firms can use hosted software without the need to invest $12K- $15K upfront in hopes to get a return on investment.  It allows IT professionals to remotely control any windows based PC, install critical security patches and software, without having to be on site.

SecureMyCompany provides Kaseya Software which allows small companies to remain competitive while providing a secure environment for their PCs SecureMyCompany offers McAfees Total Protection for small businesses  that incorporates antispyware, antivirus, and firewall in one product for a small additional fee. All of their services integrate seamlessly across your network to help facilitate easy installation and functionality.

Tips on starting a small business

1. Take the time out to explore and understand whether or not you are compatible with running our own business. Some people are just plain happier and better off financially on the other end of the paycheck.

2.Get your personal finances in order. Before you jump into the entrepreneurship world, get your own money matters squared away.

3. Pick your niche. Many small business owners succeed in businesses that are hardly unique or innovative. Take stock of your skills, interests, and employment history to select the business that is best suited for you.

Refinancing your home for the right reasons

1. Refinancing can be a good idea for you if you:

- want to get out of a high interest rate loan to take advantage of lower rates. This is a good idea only if you intend to stay in the house long enough to make the additional fees worthwhile.

- have an adjustable-rate mortgage and want a fixed-rate loan to have the certainty of knowing exactly what the mortgage payment will be for the life of the loan.


PreCharge’s Certified Payments

Doing business online has just gotten a little bit safer with preCharge payment solutions. They hel p those merchants that accept onine payments by acutally pre screening your online payments to help reduce the risk of chargebacks to merchants. They offer a global fraud screening program to help manage your online collection risk. Improve your bottom line with preCharge.